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Digital Horizons

Saudi company licensed, certified locally and a pioneer in the development of software, geographic information systems, electronic archiving, training and consulting services, was founded based on the need for urgent and growing market for high-quality services Alttaiwir- in the areas of software - Business Consulting - rehabilitation - training, based on the desire of the company to help develop the business community in the country (Saudi Arabia) and the whole world, the company has been established using the method Optimal development and scientific advisory team, relying on the experience of administrative work and technical gained from his career and assisted by international experts and trainers with a long tradition in this area. The company operates according to the highest standards and the foundations of international quality and standards within an international convention in the services that Tqdamha.o to raise the value of the quality of services the company obtained the partnerships and agreements with several international destinations supported in different areas in Part of a company's business activities. The company offers application development services and global solutions and provide consultancy and specialized training programs in several areas and disciplines and implement programs constellation of experts, academics and trainers months and the best in the Middle East and the world.