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ITRoots acts as two separated subsidiaries companies:
• ITRoots, working on enterprise solutions and projects (ex. Workflow Automation, GIS Apps, SharePoint Portals, and Archiving).
• Micro ITRoots, working on small to medium projects (ex. E-Commerce Portals, Simple Mobile Apps, and Websites Development).


Family Gifts (2000 Libyan Dinar & 1000 Libyan...

An Integrated web application built using the SOA techniques where business logic tier is developed as web services. So, it will be invoked from any other...



Libyan Civil Registry Documents Archiving

The system delivers a comprehensive and integrated solution for content management activities. The power of the solution is the combination of the...



1000 Employee Training

ITRoots was responsible for: Study the Organization Chart, and review the employees' titles & educational records. Interview Employees to define...



E-Learning Management System (LMS) Testing &...

This system helps to efficiently manage learning resources such as course, progress report, attendance, evaluation and so on. Through various experiences...