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4S Plus (Automotive ERP)

Automotive ERP

4S Plus (Automotive ERP)

4S Plus


Every industry and organization seeking Digitalization have its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), an application used to manage day-to-day business activities. The ERP makes use of a central database that receives information from various departments giving the company complete visibility into core business processes.

The ERP includes integrated modules dedicated to important functions.

4S, the automotive ERP. developed to support Digital Transformation through the main modules of the automotive industry, which are Sales, Service (after-sales), Spare Parts, and Survey, which are essential information fed back to various automotive decision makers.

The following are the complete main modules in 4S:

1. Sales management

Included are vehicle sales and vehicle purchase management and covers functions for: ‐ Insurance and leasing operations. ‐ Vehicle trade-in. ‐ Warranty pre-delivery inspection (PDI) management. ‐ Webshop management.

2. Service management

The module provides service offer management, service scheduling, and time tracking. The system, which has integrated bar code function: ‐ Manages multiple location services, external services, and field services. ‐ Set up service packages for operation management. ‐ Provides service history management and service work warranty management.

3. Spare part management

Included are the combined function’s spare part dealers might need such as spare part trade management, sales order management, and sales budget management. ‐ It provides non-stock catalog integration, item substitution, item booking, and bar codes to manage spare parts. ‐ Mobile compatible. Allows use of mobile devices for mobile sales. ‐ Integrated POS & cash and e-commerce function allow spare part sales management both at the shop and online.

4. Customer relationship management (CRM)

In the automotive industry, CRM functions include loyalty management, contact management, task DMS system allows mobile sales using mobile devices and sales opportunity management. - The automotive CRM function supports full marketing, pricing & discounting possibilities. - The solution offers SMS management and Mobile CRM that allow mobile access to the system.

5. Finance management

Includes fixed asset management, human resource (HR) & Payroll management, cash management, and bank account management. It covers: ‐ Any accounting and taxation processes. ‐ Let’s setting and controlling the financial budgets. ‐ Allows to manage multiple currency deals and run multi-company business for the international automotive business.

6. Inventory management

It consists of functions like spare part budgeting, automatic spare part replenishment, and centralized spare part purchasing. Data may be accessed by using any mobile device. The solution also includes: ‐ Warehouse management (WMS) and bin management. ‐ Inventory management that supports multiple stock location management.

7. Business intelligence (BI) and reporting tools

BI and reporting tools in 4S ensure spare part reports, inventory reports, purchase, finance, and service reports. They include sales & loyalty management and intrastate reports. For automotive businesses, you can get mobile reporting through mobile devices.
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