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Knowledge Management

What is Knowledge Management?

Let digital transformation drive your business to success with ITRoots’ Knowledge Management solution. KM is an integrated approach that identifies, captures, evaluates, retrieves, and shares all the information assets of a business including databases, documents, policies, and procedures.

ITRoots uses a multi-stage approach to Knowledge Management which includes data gathering, knowledge storage, and knowledge sharing to help with the intellectual growth of our clients.

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Types Of Knowledge Management

We offer a smart KM strategy by targeting these two types of knowledge:

  • Explicit Knowledge. This knowledge can be written, stored, transferred, and shared without the need for experience.
  • Tacit Knowledge. This knowledge depends on personal experiences and innovative thinking, hence, can’t be dealt with through official forms.  

The Importance Of Knowledge Management

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Knowledge management helps organizations save time, maximize effort, and reduce costs.


Knowledge management creates a collaborative environment among cadres in organizations and encourage creativity and innovation.


Knowledge management enables accessing and retrieving of data easily, which makes decision-making and implementation faster.


Knowledge management contributes to build and develop the organization's ability to deal with competitive variables early and adapt to them.


Knowledge management finds radical solutions to get rid of the problems and crises that companies face.

Knowledge Management Stages

ITRoots deploys multi-phase knowledge management that leads to successful digital transformation.


Knowledge acquisition

Critical knowledge is accurately sourced from suppliers, customers, databases, field experts, and advanced technologies.

Knowledge storage

All collected information is organized to optimize the storage space and allow easy data retrieval.

Knowledge analysis

With our team of experts, we analyze and clear data of any errors and optimize the space by eradicating duplicates.

Knowledge sharing

Formal methods—reports, periodic bulletins, and seminars—and informal methods—meetings—are deployed to distribute the knowledge to all stakeholders.

Knowledge Application

The deployment of knowledge is scheduled to maximize the benefits of its effects on your organization.
Work With ITRoots For Your Knowledge Management Needs

ITRoots is a leading company providing companies and government sectors with a reliable knowledge management strategy with standards kept at high professional levels.  Choose us for your KM needs.

  • We have long-term KM experience. We have been providing growth-minded companies with smart knowledge management solutions since 2019 so you can trust that we have the expertise and experience your business needs.
  • We guarantee on-time delivery. Our KM services are top-notch and always delivered on time. We stay aligned with your business plans and goals. 
  • We are committed to excellence. The dedicated and service-minded ITRoots team settles for nothing but the best. We will exceed your expectations every time.
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