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Motion Graphics

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is the future of marketing. It promotes products and services through enticing visuals that deliver accurate simplified information to customers and target audiences to boost sales.

It brings more traffic to your business page by attracting prospects on social media platforms with a quick animated video that is easily comprehensible and inviting. Motion graphics combine animated digital footage with audio to create effective visuals.

Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics

Work With ITRoots For Your Motion Graphics Needs

To truly stand out from the competition, make sure to have your marketing visuals created by reliable and talented artists who have a proven track record in motion graphics making. We can guarantee all that here at ITRoots .

Here’s what makes us one of the best motion graphics partners for your business:

  • We are reputable in the motion graphics industry. We have a rich portfolio of our previous works along with testimonials from old clients who can attest to our expertise in motion graphics.
  • We design cost-effective and unique visuals. Our team of talents can design alluring graphics aligned to your goals and specifications without exceeding your budget.  
  • We never miss a deadline. We always deliver on time to make sure you reach your business goals timely and get your ROI fast.

The Importance of Motion Graphics

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Motion graphic designs help improve the appearance of services or products in search engines.


Motion graphics helps save time and effort in addition to lower material costs compared to other marketing methods.


Motion graphics plays a big role in product marketing and branding.


Motion graphics convey ideas and messages of business owners and companies across their audience.


Motion graphics is a powerful way to outperform competitors.

Tips For Designing A Professional Motion Graphics Video

Explain your products or services concisely and accurately.
Be between 30 seconds to 60 seconds in duration.
Put motion graphics at center stage by blurring the background.
Contain voice-overs or audio that help explain information effectively.
Display consistent color themes and theme-appropriate colors and imagery.
Use effects that appeal to the audience's emotions.

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