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Family Donations (2000 Libyan Dinar & 1000 Libyan Dinar)

Family Donations

Family Donations


Built using SOA techniques, this integrated web application developed business logic tiers into web services to be incited from other applications or platforms for future development. The first step is the centralization of Libyan citizens into one DB followed by the migration of different databases into a new database designed with consideration for Settlement Management.
The concurrent users of the developed system are the 1,800 users under the Libyan civil registry authority offices (53 main offices and 365 branches), and the 1,450 users across all bank branches (278 offices).

  • Central Bank of Libya, (Partner: Diwan)
  • Government, Libya
  • 12 Months
The solution workflow is built upon two sub-processes:
The review of family data, the printing of the marriage certificate on legal paper, and distribution to the owner.
The checking of the marital status certificate of the family owner at the bank, where the system calculates the gift value and gives a print-out of bank transaction statement to the owner.
Family Donations
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