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Geo Sales Manager – Sales Force E-Supervisor (SFES) Solutions

Sales Force E-Supervisor (SFES) Solutions

Geo Sales Manager



Without any tool to manage sales organization on the field, you wouldn’t know whether the activities of your salespeople are optimized or if they’re even aligned with your strategies.
Our Geo Sales Manager is a Sales Force E- Supervisor (SFES) that provides you with significant control over the movements of your sales staff so they can maximize their productivity.
It has a range of tools that provides you visibility over the movement of your sales force within the territories.
The system is an automatic vehicle locater (AVL) tracking system consisting of two functional parts:
Surveillance Portal and Administration Module.  


The main features of Geo Sales Manager include:

Geo Sales Manager is the solution to the increasing demand on business to provide effective monitoring of personnel who work on the field for work-related safety.
The tool can monitor distances driven, speeding, location of salespeople, fuel expenses, and general employee efficiency.
With access to this information, you can facilitate the implementation of Health and Safety across the whole organization.
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Mobile application screens :

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