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Libyan Elections

Libyan Elections

Libyan Elections
Libyan Elections


Following the Libyan revolution on the 17th of February, the government of Libya adopted the democratic approach and has committed to its continuity by maintaining transparency in all election processes. One major phase under the Libyan election process is making sure that all citizens, entitled to the right of suffrage, are registered in their respective voting stations according to their locations. To facilitate this process, the government of Libya launched a massive project to register the citizens more efficiently.

The Ministry of the Local Government later realized greater operational efficiencies and moved to improve the integrity of business-critical data together with great cost savings. High performance in the organization was observed thanks to the fast, accurate, flexible, scalable, and open standards-based solutions that were implemented. The solution, developed using SOA techniques, was deployed across the organization and was compatible with most back-end applications and information management systems.

  • Ministry of Local Government, (Partner: Diwan)
  • Government, Libya
  • 6 Months
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