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PMO Cloud

Taif Municipality (Partner: Projacs International)

PMO Cloud

PMO Cloud


PMP Cloud is a cloud-based project management platform used for planning, collaborating, monitoring, and delivering projects. As it is hosted on the cloud, it allows project managers and team members to get work done and accomplish tasks faster using a suite of tools and features available within the platform, rather than using a plain old whiteboard and sticky notes. PMP Cloud is designed to make managing projects easier and meeting deadlines more effective.

The main features of PMP Cloud include the following:

Oversee entire project, as well as manage contractor and sub-contractors.
Manage schedule, including monitoring, evaluating, and reporting without delay.
Manage contracts, bill of quantities, and status based on actual work and deliverable.
Manage cost and expenses, including:
Funding by portfolio and project.
Budget code defined by user structure with any number of code levels.
Earned Value Management.
Multiple methods for creating cash flows.
Flexible change management process.
Workflow management that electronically routes and tracks each project and asset-related document, enabling both collaboration and project approval.
Document manager.
PMO Cloud
PMO Cloud
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