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Privacy Policy

Privacy Ploicy

Protecting and maintaining the personal data of visitors to  ITRoots website is one of our top priorities. This privacy statement and policy provides an explanation of how  ITRoots collects the personal information of members and visitors and the ways in which this information is used. through your entry Roots site for it you give Roots Information Technology Consent to the collection and use of your personal information as described in the privacy statement and policy below, in addition to agreeing to all of what is stated on this page .

Collection of personal information

ITRoots Website  We collect your personal data directly or indirectly through you ITRoots website We collect this data through the information you provide yourself for the purpose of registering with any of the website services, and this data includes, for example, your personal name, gender, date of birth, occupation, postal address, email, phone number and other data, in addition to information obtained due to your use and browsing of any of the pages of the site such as your IP address , operating system used, browser type, Internet service provider, time spent on each page and the pages you visit, responses and posts that you add and others, in addition to any other information Share it with Roots for Information Technology

Use of personal information

Your personal information for several purposes, including , but not limited to, allowing you to access and use the site, providing a certain service to you, sending updates and news, preparing statistics and reports on the popularity of the site among Internet users, improving the performance of the website and its services and other uses . The site is entitled to the roots of information technology Disclose your personal information to the extent required by law in connection with any current or prospective legal process, and for the purpose of establishing and exercising the defense of its legal rights. Also, ITRoots is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party that may use your data.

Sharing personal data

May ITRoots website Sharing your personal data with other parties for marketing purposes, including: name, email, phone number, country, city, and others, and once you register in any form of data collection at the Roots of Information Technology website  To email you give the site permission to do so. as that ITRoots  website It is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party that may use your data .

Securing your data

ITRoots website  It will take all reasonable technical and administrative precautions to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. Also, will save all your personal information on its secure  web servers .

Transfer data abroad

Information collected by ITRootsIt may be saved, dealt with, transferred and traded between any of the countries in which ITRoots operates  or one of its affiliates or any other parties to enable the use of that information in accordance with the privacy policy of the site. Once you use or register in the ITRoots site  You consent to the transfer of your personal information outside the borders as described .

Update this statement

Check this page from time to time for any updates or updates. The ITRoots website might  Update the Privacy Policy by adding, modifying, or deleting some or all of the terms .

intellectual property rights

The copyrights of this website and its contents are reserved ITRoots website  and those who hold a license from it (including, without limitation, content that includes: text, website programming, design and images, audio, video and flash content) .

Publication license

ITRoots website  You grant you a license to view this site and its contents on a computer or mobile phone via a web browser, to publish or save this site and its contents to your device’s memory, and to print pages from the site (for your individual use and for non-commercial purposes) . ITRoots website  It does not grant you any other rights with respect to this website and its contents, meaning that any other rights are reserved. To avoid confusion, you must not transmit, write, change, transmit, publish, republish, distribute, redistribute, broadcast, rebroadcast, display or operate this website or the material on it to the public (by any means of publication) without written permission From Roots Information Technology

Data extraction

Automatic and/or regular data collection from the ITRoots website  Email is prohibited to the ordinary user. An approval must be obtained from the Roots Information Technology Administration to obtain any data from the site and display it on other sites .

Copyright and content preservation

ITRoots site  Dealing with all seriousness in the protection of copyright owned by him. If you discover a rooted site for it  If you have used the rights to publish this material in violation of the above-mentioned permission, it may take legal action against you and claim financial compensation for damages and prevent you from using such material, and it may ask you to bear the legal expenses. If you become aware of any use of copyrighted material on the ITRoots website  In violation of, or may contravene, the above-mentioned permit

Infringement of rights

If you become aware of material on the Website that you believe infringes the copyrights of you or others, please report this by e-mail to [email protected]

Opinions of members and visitors

All that is posted on  ITRoots Through members or visitors, opinions, programs, topics, recommendations or comments express the opinion of its writer and that the administration of ITRoots  website  It disclaims any responsibility for any infringement of intellectual property rights, copyright, copyright, or other infringement it contains. If you post your copyrighted and proprietary material on the  ITRoots website  Or it has been re-viewed by our search engine and you wish to delete it, please send us an email with detailed information about this by reporting by email to the address [email protected]


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