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Fleet Management System (AVL Tracking System)

(AVL Tracking System)

Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System


One of our core services is the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help manage clients’ transportation fleet. GIS can store a huge amount of data to solve complex problems and issues that are difficult to deal with. Our design and programming experts leveraged the use of the latest technology to develop a Fleet Management System for our client’s application needs. 

The system is an automatic vehicle locater (AVL) tracking system consisting of two functional parts: Surveillance Portal and Administration Module.  

A. Surveillance Portal

The surveillance portal displays real-time tracking of vehicles on a map, locations of vehicles, and other relevant data that have been updated online. 

It has the following important features:

User-definable system update frequency that is always in real-time.
Allows multiple user access and permits each user-independent use.
The information displayed on each screen is current and synchronized with all other users.
Each PC logged in using standard browser technology capable of monitoring all or a grouped subset of the devices.
No limit to the number of vehicles monitored and displayed.
Fleet Management System
Fleet Management System

B. Administration Module

The Administration Module allows a supervisor centralized capability to create and maintain an asset inventory of vehicles and assets.

The module has these features:

Supports associating and editing of unlimited attributes for agency vehicles, equipment, and personnel.
Allows system administrators to implement security by configuring the system to allow only authorized personnel to access the system.
The Fleet Management System supports the following capability:

Full screen display mode

Choice of theme

Multi-language mode (supports both Right-to-Left and Left-to-Right layouts)

Basic GIS functions including: - Zoom in/out, Pan, and full extent - Print - Measurement toolbox - Clear Map.

Search operations including Search for: - A city/governorate/district - A street - A service/landmark - Location of a specific vehicle

Geo-Book Mark Module

Tracking options - One vehicle tracking - Multi-vehicles tracking - Re-play tracking history

Notify user through an alert at the web page and sending email/SMS when: - Speed limit being exceeded - Entering/exiting defined Geo-Fence

Other alerts defined based on the GPS device feature (ex. vehicle battery, seat belt, etc).

Geo-Fence Alert Module - Alert if in/out of Geo-Fence - Easy editing of Geo-Fence boundary

• Reports & Charts - Accessibility to daily or monthly driving reports for the last three months - Standard periodic reporting includes: -Total time traveled (per trip, period) - Maximum recorded speed (per trip, period) -Average recorded speed (per trip, period) -Trip Details Report

• Exception reporting - List and details of speeding incidents (device, driver, location, speed) per group/period - List and details of Geo-Fence violations (device, driver, location) per group/period
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