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The importance of motion graphics in brand marketing

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The Importance Of Motion Graphics In Brand Marketing

Motion graphics have the ability to convert complex ideas into simple ideas, these helping brands to spread faster and in record time.

Motion graphic videos have a large impact on marketing results and return on investment, so major marketing companies have relied on motion graphics as a way to increase profits compared to other marketing means.

Motion graphic videos help increase brand awareness and have a great role in increasing interaction with the displayed content and attracting more targeted customers.

Types of motion graphics

  1. Two-dimensional animation (2D): Two-dimensional animation is the most used type by animation designers, as the designer moves the drawings at the same time and in a fast manner that gives the viewer an impression that they are animated.
  2. 3D animation: 3D animation is also one of the popular methods used in the production of cinematic animation films and is very similar to 2D animation.
  3. Stop Motion animation: This type of animation relies on figures made of paper or clay and move it in a quick way to look real.
Motion Graphics

The factors that help in designing a professional-level motion graphic video

  1. Script (textual content): To design a distinctive motion graphic video, a scriptwriter must have sufficient experience that enables him to write a professional-level textual content.
  2. Graphics: Graphics are one of the most important factors necessary to design a motion graphic video, as these graphics must be attractive, consistent in colors, in order to attract the attention of the target audience.
  3. Audio: Audio is a powerful effect that helps increase video viewership, but it should be compatible with graphics and textual content.
  4. Speed: The speed of the motion graphics video should be ideal, the increased speed does not allow the audience to understand the brand or the content well, while the slow speed makes the audience feel bored, so be careful to choose the appropriate speed.
Motion Graphics

Common mistakes in designing motion graphics videos

  1. Using ready-made vectors that have been consumed by a large number of designers, which greatly affects the efficiency of the video, because the repetition takes the video out of the innovation cycle.
  2. Choosing musical background does not suit the motion graphic video that was designed, as the music plays a large and effective role in marketing, and to achieve that, you can purchase music clips from reliable sources.
  3. Using the bounce feature in the wrong way is one of the most common mistakes that many designers make, as it is necessary to determine the appropriate places to place it.
  4. Adding images to a motion graphic video is a common mistake that must be avoided, especially if the video contains a vector.
  5. Color inconsistency is a mistake made by designers who do not have enough experience, so you must use colors that are consistent with each other, which gives the video an aesthetic touch.
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