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How To Get More Traffic And Get Higher Rankings On Google

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How To Get More Traffic And Get Higher Rankings On Google

Rank number one on google needs to improve your site’s SEO, improve content, choose the most appropriate keywords, Write Meta description for each page on the site separately and improve the on-page SEO of the site.

Steps to be in top rankings (rank number one on google).

  1. Search for competitors, make analysis then find strong keywords that they are rank for and drive the most traffic.
  2. Make the new keywords chosen as a part of the site’s content to improve it.
  3. Write an accurate Meta description for site’s pages, including the appropriate keywords for each article in which this Meta description does not exceed 155 characters.
  4. Follow Google’s rules and policies to improve the site’s visibility in search engines and thus appear in the first pages of Google.
  5. Eliminate technical problems on the site to improve the site’s visibility in search engines.
  6. Building strong external links called Dofollow (links that are built outside the site with high quality) in order to improve its visibility in search engines to claim better SERPs rankings.
  7. Using google ppc to increase the number of site visitors in addition to appearing in the top of search results.
  8. Reducing the bounce rate, because increasing bounce rate means that the user enters and exits quickly without browsing the content, which gives Google a bad impression that the content is not good and thus affects the site’s appearance in search engines.
  9. Find broken links in the site and there is more than one way to find it, first way is google search console (open google search console –, after finding broken links, you must delete them or redirect them to a valid URL.


Best SEO tools

  1. Google analytics.
  2. Google search console.
  3. Moz.
  4. SEMrush.
  5. Alexa.

How to use google search console to improve site’s SEO.

  1. Add your site to google search console by this steps: sign into your google account related to your business, go to google webmaster tools, add property, enter your URL, continue, and then choose one way to verify your website.
  2. Add your sitemap to google search console to see the pages that indexed by google.
  3. To see which keywords and pages that your site ranks for in google, visit google search console then press on the performance in the left side, then you will see the best keywords and keywords that need to attention and optimization.
  4. To find site errors that may affects your site in search engine result, visit google search console then press on crawl then crawl error, and it will appear in the right side if there is any errors on your site.
  5. To find which pages was indexed, visit google search console then press on google index then index status.
  6. To find which pages was not indexed, visit google search console then press on index coverage and the result will appear on the right side.
  7. To find DNS errors, visit google search console then press on current status area of your dashboard, if it check by green, this mean that your DNS is good.
  8. To find pages that visitors love to see in your site, visit google search console then press on acquisition then all traffic then source/medium then click on google/organic.


How to create a successful Google AdWords PPC campaign
  1. Choose the right keywords for each field carefully.
  2. Writing a short and attractive ad text.
  3. Add negative keywords to PPC campaign.
  4. Create a helpful call to action.
  5. Determine the appropriate cost for the ad campaign.
  6. Follow the results of the advertising campaign, analyze it, and submit final reports.


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