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Voice Search Optimization To Rank In Google

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Voice Search Optimization To Rank In Google

There is many factors that effect on voice search ranking but the most important one is Page Speed, whenever the speed of the site is better, voice search will be in the top of search engines.

The answer to voice search queries should be concise and short and at the same time clarify the meaning.

Sites that depend on Schema have a role in improving voice search results compared to sites that do not depend on it.

Trusted or Authoritative domains are better than non-authoritative domains in improving voice search results.

Interacting on social media platforms and writing a useful content is one of the factors that helps to improve voice search.

Reliance on long-tail keywords, this is because voice search is completely different from written research, Voice search looks for the long sentence that explains the details.


Voice Search

The importance of voice commands for search

There is a lot of people use voice commands due to many reasons:

  1. It helps to do the research in the shortest possible time.
  2. Getting the answer easily without wasting any more time.
  3. Easier to search compared to written research.
  4. Breaking the daily routine and relying on modern technologies.
  5. Earn Google’s trust, because you are following new updates.

You are relying on voice commands when you do not have the time to do the text research or when you do another task at the same time and you want to get a quick answer.


Voice search for mobiles

Due to the continuous developments and relying on modern technological means, smart phones have become the most important means of communication and therefore voice search is carried out easily without effort and thus obtaining results faster.

The importance of voice search in the success of brands

Due to the importance of digital marketing in publishing brands and the success of the organization in gaining the trust of its customers, just as voice search affects the results of search engines, so voice search has a direct role in the success of organization.


Voice Search
Steps that you must follow to optimize the website for voice search
  1. Writing the site’s content in more than one language to attract more visitors from different countries.
  2. Site’s content contains questions and answers.
  3. The answers should be clear and succinct.
  4. The size of the images on the site must be appropriate and not negatively affect the speed of the site.
  5. Eliminate programming issues and solve them to improve the site’s visibility in search engines.
  6. Having an account on Google My Business for your company and completing the necessary steps for the account activity.
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